silver ring splints


JewelSplints is a type of orthotic device that is worn on the finger to help stabilize and support the joint. They are typically made of silver, titanium or gold and sometimes are adorned with decorative jewels or other embellishments.
Jewelsplints are commonly used to treat conditions such as arthritis, joint instability or hypermobility, mallet finger, trigger finger, swan neck deformity. They can also be used to help with recovery after a finger injury or surgery.
Jewelsplints work by providing support to the affected joint, keeping it in the proper position while it heals or in cases of chronic pain, arthritis or hypermobility.
Jeweljplints can be cleaned like any other silver or gold jewelry. Avoid exposing the splints to chemicals such as lotions, perfumes, and hair sprays as it may cause damage.

You simply choose your diagnosis in the main section of the website and this brings you to choose the splint from the variety of designs, which will meet your medical needs. Then, put the selected product in the basket. At this stage you will have to answer several questions, which will help us to fit the chosen model to your hand, size, diagnosis, etc.
If you do not have a medical diagnosis or are not sure which brace will meet your medical needs, you are welcome to consult with the therapist or on WhatsApp

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Yes. We offer a half-year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.