silver ring splints


This is sterling silver ring splint.

The Ring is designed to:

Relief pain.

  • Prevent flexion contracture




Without sweating and itchy skin.

Allows ventilation.



Jewel look.

And most important – allows optimal joint position.


The ring fixes your distal knuckle, but do not limit the hand functionality and

can be used as any other jewelry piece you have.

If you just love this ring, or if you recovered from your Mallet finger you can

wear the ring on the middle phalanx like any other midi ring.

Every Jewel Splint piece is handmade and unique, so yours won’t be

identical to the photo but very similar.


It is recommended to adjust the size of the ring once you got the ring.

However, do not make an adjustment of rings often.

This may lead to breaking or distorted ring.

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