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What Are Ring Splints?

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Ring splints are small orthopedic devices that are custom-made to provide support and stability to the fingers affected by arthritis, trigger finger, and EDS (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome). These conditions can cause inflammation, stiffness, and pain in the fingers, making it difficult to perform daily tasks. That’s where ring splints come in. They are a growing trend in hand therapy and for a good reason.

Ring splints have been proven to be effective in reducing pain and improving function in people with these conditions.

Arthritis is a common condition that affects millions of people worldwide, and it is one of the leading causes of disability. Arthritis in the fingers can lead to pain, swelling, and deformities. There are several types of arthritis, including osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriatic arthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, and it occurs when the protective cartilage on the ends of bones wears down over time. Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in the joints, including those in the fingers. Psoriatic arthritis is a type of arthritis that affects some people with psoriasis, causing inflammation and joint damage.

Ring splints are particularly useful for people with arthritis in the fingers. They help to support the affected joint, reducing the pressure on the area and alleviating pain. They also improve mobility by providing stability to the joint, allowing the patient to perform their daily tasks more comfortably. Ring splints can also help prevent further damage to the joint by reducing the amount of stress placed on it.

Trigger finger is another condition that can be treated with ring splints. Trigger finger is a condition in which the tendon that controls the movement of the finger becomes inflamed, causing the finger to get stuck in a bent position. This can be painful and make it difficult to perform everyday tasks. The condition is more common in people with diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.
Ring splints can help stabilize the affected joint and prevent it from getting stuck in a bent position. They reduce pain and improve function by providing support to the affected area. Ring splints can also prevent further damage to the joint by reducing the amount of stress placed on it.

EDS Ehler-Danlos Syndrome is a genetic condition that affects the connective tissues in the body, causing hypermobility and joint instability. People with EDS often have weak ligaments and tendons, making their joints more prone to dislocation and subluxation. EDS can affect any joint in the body, including the fingers.
JewelSplints are a type of ring splints that have been created by hand therapists to address the unique needs of EDS patients. These splints are adjustable, lightweight, and breathable, making them comfortable to wear for extended periods. JewelSplints are designed to look like a piece of jewelry, allowing EDS patients to wear them discreetly.

How do you take measurements? Taking measurements for JewelSplints – our ring splint product unlike other ring splint products is a simple process that can be done by the patient or a healthcare provider. The splints are adjustable and can be adjusted to fit the individual finger comfortably.

JewelSplints are made from a range of materials, including silver and titanium, which can be helpful for patients with metal sensitivities.

So, What are ring splints? They are valuable tools for people with arthritis, trigger finger, EDS, and other hand conditions. They provide support and stability to the affected joint, reducing pain and improving function. They are adjustable, customizable, lightweight, and breathing, making them an excellent option for people who want to live a normal life despite their condition.